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A well decorated vintage car adds to your style statement and status along with making your wedding a little more picturesque. Still not convinced? Let me share the top 5 reasons why you should rent a vintage car for your wedding.

1. Dance your way to the wedding in a vintage car

Baarat is not just a gathering, it’s an emotion. All of the close friends, cousins are dancing alongside on the way to the venue. Why stop yourself from claiming the center-stage that you deserve. 

An indian guy going for his baaraat on white vintage car
Indian Grroom dancing on his way to wedding on white vintage car

2. Change the Trend - Hire a vintage car

Gone are the days when grooms had to sit like  a fool on the back of a ghodi towards his baarat. This is the new trend in making, be the trend-changer. Go viral on social media. Impress your guests with a classic vintage car from the 1930s. Hire a vintage car for wedding

An indian groom feeling proud riding on a red vintage car

3. Ample space for your loved ones

“Jagah gaadi mei nahi dil mei honi chahiye, lekin jinka dil bada ho unki gaadi bhi badhi hoti hai”. Traditionally sarbaala sits along with the groom on the ghodi. But on a vintage car, you have more company. Be it siblings, cousins, friends, dada dadi, nana nani, don’t worry, we have space  for all your loved ones in out vintage cars.

full family and extended family having a group photograph on vintage car

4. Make it memorable - Photoshoot on vintage car

You only marry once (mostly :P) so why not make it grand and memorable. Wedding memories are cherished for life. Get the best photos and videos in and around the vintage cars. Show off your photographs on Instagram.  How about a royal photoshoot with the bride?

sikh couple having pre wedding shoot with red vintage car in a park with green background

5. No animals were harmed in hiring vintage car

Horses are meant to roam around in nature, eat grass, run and live in a natural setting. We all are aware how much abuse they face during weddings. Horses are extremely allergic to loud noise, fire, dust and hundreds of people gathering around them. The loud sound of fire crackers and dhol have a really bad impact on horses. Let us not contribute more to animal abuse. Start your new life by making the right choice to hire a vintage car instead of horse.