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Behind the Scenes of Vintage Cars for Wedding

Little things we do for you to deliver hassle-free experience

vintage car getting ready for wedding

Flower Decoration

We thrive to deliver excellence, it is one of our core values. We make sure that our clients experience nothing less than excellence on their wedding day. Right from the time of booking to the time you ride our vintage car on your wedding, we make sure that you have a hassle-experience. Invoice is shared at the time of booking, and our chauffeur reaches the venue well in advance so that you don’t have to worry about anything on your wedding day.

Aesthetics matter! In fact, aesthetics are one of the most important reasons why people chose to ride a vintage car. It is really important that the car looks stunning on your D-Day. Just as the bride and groom show their best looks on their marriage day, we ensure that our vintage cars also need to look the gorgeous and you enjoy a beautiful ride. With every ride of ours, you experience luxury, high quality and excellent experience. 

There are a lot of people involved directly as well as indirectly in bringing this excellent experience to your door. 

We have inhouse flower decorator, and we take flower arrangement and decoration of our vintage car very seriously. We offer different kinds of decoration like rose only, s-curve, bouquet of flowers, etc. Clients can choose how they want their vintage car to be decorated depending upon their venue and mood. Flower decoration is included in the cost of renting the vintage car.

vintage car for wedding transportation

Transportation of vintage car to venue

We take utmost care to make sure that the antique royal chariot reaches the wedding venue on time. Vintage cars are transported from our location to your location on a crane or truck to ensure that there is no roadblock (metaphorically and literally) to deliver a memorable experience on your wedding. You don’t need to pay a single penny for transportation no matter how close or how far your wedding is. Transportation of vintage car is also included in the package.

We also have in house paint job facility in our workshop, and our vintage cars are serviced very month to make sure they look brand new for the big occasion. Our team of dedicated professionals leave no stone unturned in making this the most memorable ride of your life on your special day. From revamping our vintage cars to decorating them every task is carried out with utmost conviction. 

Hire a vintage car for your wedding and celebrate your big day in king-style!


Paint job of vintage car before wedding

Vintage Car rent for wedding
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