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Three Occasions to Flaunt a Vintage Car during your wedding

A well decorated vintage car adds to your style statement and status along with making your wedding a little more picturesque.

1. Pre wedding Photo shoot

sikh couple having pre wedding shoot with red vintage car in a park with green background

Royal Love

A Vintage car acts as a perfect prop for your pre wedding photo shoot. Imagine clicking pictures at your favourite location with Rolls Royce in the background. Having a vintage car in your background gives a Bollywood location like feel to make your pre wedding photoshoot background look picturesque.

Also, it is an affordable way to theme your pre wedding photo shoot in your own city.

2. Baaraat

Dashing broom on his wedding on white vintage car 

Baarat is another occasion which prominently makes use of Vintage cars. It has become a trend to have a luxury Vintage car for wedding instead of Horses in your wedding procession. It allows the groom to enjoy his own baarat by dancing to the beats of dhol with his very own friends and family in an open Vintage car.

3. Doli

Royal couple going back home on white vintage car


A Hired Vintage car is a perfect end to your dreamy wedding. It has become commonplace to say goodbye to the bride decorated luxury car.

What can be a better welcome to your newly wed wife or daughter in law than a grand entry in an ornamented luxury vintage car?