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Safety First at Vintage Car for Wedding

Vintage cars give a perfect opportunity to make your wedding memorable even with less number of people arriving at your weddings. All of us are fighting Covid-19 together. It is our responsibility to ensure that corona virus doesn’t get in the way of your joyous wedding. You can safely rent vintage car during corona-virus pandemic.

Vintage car for wedding following covid related guidelines, driver is wearing a mask at wedding venue.

At Vintage Car for Wedding, we follow all the precautions to make your weddings grand with keeping safety as the top priority.

The Following are the safety precautions followed by us –

Sanitized Car –

We thoroughly sanitize our cars before and after every event. You can feel safe and comfortable in and around the royal vintage car. You can be assured that our vehicle poses no threat of corona virus to you or any of your guests

Cooperation from Staff Members –

 We do daily temperature monitoring of our staff and chauffeurs. We promise and ensure that our staff, will wear masks and gloves all the time and sanitize their hands regularly. Therefore, you and your guests are the least vulnerable to contacting the virus.

For additional safety we advise you to do the following –

      1.  Sanitize your hands at regular intervals during the wedding/event
      2. Keep the masks on during the course of wedding/event

Rent a vintage car now, and make your wedding memorable.