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Wedding trends during Pandemic


We all talked about new normal last year, but none of us were really convinced that this could actually be normal that too so soon. Many people delayed their weddings in 2020 because of the pandemic hoping the world would go back to ‘normal’. As much as we’d have wished to go back to old ways of celebrating, here we are in 2021, during the second and even more furious wave of coronavirus. This has led to some changes in the way we live, and celebrate.


Fortunately, unlike last year’s lockdown weddings are still allowed to be held, but with strict restrictions and health regulations. People are trying different things within the prescribed limitation to make their marriage more feasible and interesting. 

Let’s look at some of these trends which might sustain even after the pandemic.

1. Virtual Planning and Preparations 

Work from home, shop from home everything which can be done online is being done online. This also includes wedding preparations these days. From setting up virtual meets with potential wedding planners to virtual venue tours, everything is being done online.


2. Intimate Wedding Scenes:

 Wedding Couple on Bed

While your guestlist is small, your wedding can still be grand. Not only are there government regulations to cap the maximum number of people allowed in the weddings but also people themselves are skipping obligatory weddings. RSVP has become more important than ever since the small guest list usually only includes family members and close friends.

3. Hiring a Vintage Car for Wedding/Baaraat

Groom on a red vintage car for wedding dancing


People are becoming more and more aware of the animal cruelty which is why we don’t want a horse for wedding. Moreover, vintage cars are a treat to the eyes and provide the groom the space to dance and enjoy with his close friends on his way to wedding. Furthermore, it can be used as a prop to capture photogenic memories for the lifetime. Although there are many compromises associated with weddings during the pandemic, a vintage car can still add some joy and excitement to small weddings during the pandemic.

You only marry once. don’t compromise and rent a vintage car.


 4. Destination weddings:

Destination Wedding Couples Are Happier

Destination weddings have been on the charts of many rich people for quite some time, but these days they have become more popular. Since the guestlist is limited anyway which leaves people with more money to spare. Hence people are planning outstation weddings, to their dream destination which is far from cities with less infections.


5. Social Media streaming

The bandwidth even on mobile internet plans allows us to stream live footage over the internet. Social media streaming has gained popularity because many people who refrain from traveling during covid times can still be a part of the wedding day of their close ones.

6. Wedding T Shirts

T Shirts are a great way to flaunt and express your emotions on your weddings. Theme wedding T Shirts for wedding and bachelor party not only add to the whole fun at the wedding but also ignite the feeling of togetherness and reinforce the bond among your friends and family.

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